Approved: April 7, 2005


Hollis School Board 8:30 AM SAU Office 3/10/05

Doug Cleveland

Kathy de Lacy

Harry Haytayan

Janet Listowich

Anita Moynihan

Jennifer MacLeod (school board member elect)

Jim Belanger, Moderator

Ken DeBenedictis, Superintendent

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM. Because a recount has been requested, election of officers will be delayed until the recount has taken place.

NH School Boards Association representative, Kathy O’Sullivan, addressed the board on the policy review process. A handout on the policy customization schedule was distributed to the board. Each SAU 41 district will pay $5,000 for completion new policy. Janet Listowich has offered to be the School Board representative for Hollis.


Janet moved to accept the minutes of January 3, 2005; Kathy seconded and the motion carried 4:0.

Janet moved to accept the minutes of February 25, 2005; Harry seconded and the motion carried 4-0.

Edie Awards

Doug discussed the Edie awards and nominating our Board for the School Board Excellence Award. We as a board will decide whether or not to nominate ourselves for the School Board Excellence Award.

School District Clerk

Anita moved to appoint Debbie Pucci the School District Clerk. Janet seconded and the motion carried 5:0.


School District Moderator Jim Belanger explained RSA 669-30, the process of recount. Suzanne Heath has requested a recount for the election to school board. The recount will take place at the Hollis Police Station. A date is still to be determined.

Principals Report


Dr. Gail Paludi reported three new students in the Primary School.

The Language Arts Committee is still investigating a new language arts series.

Possibility of a new preschool is still in the works – still working on getting possible registration numbers for the three and four year old program. A survey will be sent home to parents of Primary School students who may have 3-4 year old siblings and who might be interested in the program. All information gathered so far looks positive. The board is looking into the next step in the process of placement options. The Primary School had two visits from SERESC to review accommodations for a possible preschool. The program needs to be approved by SERESC at least six weeks prior to the opening of a new preschool program. For our district this is a choice in placement option. Next step is to continue the surveys and set up an informational meeting date to further discuss the preschool. We might possibly apply for a grant from Parents Assisting Special Education to help with some of the supplies for the preschool.


Carol Thibaudeau reported that four staff members applied for Hollis Brookline Rotary Club Competitive Teacher Grant.

Family Math Night was very successful raising $2521.50 for the Tsunami relief fund.

Regional meet for Destination Imagination is this Saturday.

DARE graduation and Pizza Night will be on March 22nd.

Math and Reading camps will take place again this summer.

Jan moved and Harry seconded the motion to enter non-Public Session under RSA 91-A:3II(b) the hiring of any person as a public employee. A roll call vote was taken with all members voting in the affirmative and the Board entered Non-Public Session at 10:45 AM.

Jan moved and Harry seconded to return to Public Session. The board returned to Public Session at 11:56 AM.

Harry moved to adjourn with Doug seconding. Meeting adjourned at 11:57 AM.