Hollis School Board 8:30 AM SAU Office 4/7/05

Doug Cleveland

Kathy de Lacy

Harry Haytayan

Jennifer MacLeod

Anita Moynihan

Ken DeBenedictis, Superintendent

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Carol Thibaudeau, Principal, HUES

Susan Astone, Asst. Principal, HPS

Election of Officers

Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM by Ken who requested nominations for Hollis Board Chair. Anita nominated Harry for Chair and Doug seconded. Motion passed 4:0 with 1 abstention (Harry).

Harry nominated Anita for Vice Chair. Kathy seconded. Motion passed 4:0 with 1 abstention (Kathy).

Doug nominated Jennifer for Secretary with Harry seconding. Motion carried 4:0 with 1 abstention (Jennifer).

Discussed hiring someone to record school board meeting minutes. Ken stated that it would be an expense of about $60/meeting. Kathy stated it has been her experience that itís difficult to take notes and participate in the meeting simultaneously.

Discussed having HSB meetings televised on Ch. 12, so that members of the community could have better access to our meetings. Would need to move meetings to Town Hall or HBHS, as there is no cable access to SAU office, HPS or HUES. Ken stated that the HBMS will have excellent facilities for this in the fall. Staffing for operating the video equipment would be an issue.

Discussed scheduling of school board meetings (alternating evening and morning meetings, etc.). Will revisit next month.

Anita suggested setting the agenda a week prior to our meeting so that members of the public could have better access and make plans to attend if the Board is discussing a topic of interest to them. Meeting times and schedules will be an agenda item for May.


Gladys Guzman submitted her resignation as HUES Spanish teacher. Anita made the motion and Kathy seconded to accept Gladysí resignation. Motion carried (5:0?). The Board wishes Senora Guzman the best.

Chris Greissinger will be a long-term substitute until the end of the 2004-05 school year while Amy Warren is on maternity leave. Discussed waiving the 20-day waiting period for permanent substitutes in this case and changing the policy permanently. Kathy moved to waive the policy in this case, limiting it to 10 days, based on Ken and Carol Thibaudeauís recommendations. Doug seconded, motion passed 5:0.

Anita added a thorough review of the policy to action items for next monthís meeting.

Principals Report


Carol stated that the 6th graders just returned from "Natureís Classroom." She would like to do more surveying and discussion with staff, parents and participants and then will return to the school board with a full report and recommendations for the future.

Ray Daneau and Tom Williamson are piloting an eight week program for 5th graders called RAPSTER. Itís currently being piloted with 14 boys. Full report available upon completion.

HUES may not have enough enrollment for summer math and reading camps to be self-sustaining. Have extended enrollment deadlines to hopefully boost numbers. If enrollment minimums are not met, the camps will not be able to run.

Anat Eshed and Karen Kelley have proposed a Math Olympiad program for an after school advanced math challenge. The Board enthusiastically supports this program.


Enrollment figures for next fall were not available. Expected enrollment for 05-06 for each grade will be delivered at the May HSB meeting. At that time, the Board will decide if the extra teacher (budgeted as contingency) will need to be hired.

Preschool Information Public Forum was scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th, which conflicts with a Brookline School Board meeting. Susan Astone will check with Gail to see if it can be held on Monday, April 18th at 7 PM or as a last resort, at 7:30 PM on April 19th. There will be no Board action on the Preschool until a public forum has been held and public opinion has been heard. A vote will be taken by the HSB immediately following the public forum that evening. Harry will notify the Journal so that the forum will be announced in the newspaper.

Survey results: 21 non-identified, 12 maybe, 3-4 four year olds current SpEd, 4 SpEd 3 year olds are interested.

Report cards: "B-beginning" level will be added to the PCIS rubric range for HPS. The Board discussed ensuring that our students on both ends of the range ("Beginning" and "Strong") are being served appropriately.

Harry requested a 10-minute overview at the May HSB meeting:

What re we doing to challenge kids at the top of the class?

What are we doing for the kids who are struggling?

What programs are in place?

Kathy moved to adopt the draft performance descriptor rubrics for Fall 2005 at HPS. Doug seconded. Motion carried 5:0.

Summer reading and math camps will have an EMT, Chris Gill, on call.

Carol will present an update on the HUES report card changes at the May meeting.

Business Administrator Report

Lee Ann distributed the monthly expenditure report.

Regarding Line 2310-840 Contingency:

Lee Ann is currently working with Primex and Johnson Controls to try and recover some of the $31,900 we spent on the HPS boiler. Johnson Controls has not responded to Primexís requests for information. Lee Ann is now in touch with an executive at Johnson Controls and hopes to expedite the issueís resolution. The contract with Johnson Controls expires in June. Doug suggested we explore the extent to which maintenance can be done by Wayne Zold, Bldg. & Grounds Supervisor, who is HVAC-certified.

The Board also discussed restructuring the allocation of time and budget for the Food Service Manager. Lee Ann will start up a subcommittee to evaluate this and other food service issues. Anita, Jennifer and Kathy will share this responsibility, being careful not to have more than two board members present at each meeting.

Bill Dutton will be contracted to do the mowing for Hollis and the Coop.

Sixth grade promotion celebration will be Friday, June 17th. Last day of school will be Monday, June 20th. Kathy made a motion to have the 20th as a Ĺ day; Anita seconded. Motion carried 5:0. (This was subsequently changed to one-half day on Tuesday, June 21st.)

Non-Public Session

_______________ moved and _______________ seconded the motion to enter Non-Public Session under RSA 91-A:3IIb, hiring of any person as a public employee . A roll call vote was taken with all members voting in the affirmative, and the Board entered Non-Public session at 10:50 AM. Those present included: Kathy, Doug, Harry, Anita, Jennifer, Ken, Carol, Sue. Staffing was discussed the board returned to public session at 11:05 AM.

Anita moved to accept the nominations made by the Superintendent for Annual and Continuing Contracts for staff at Hollis Upper and Hollis Primary Schools. Jennifer seconded the motion which passed 5:0.

Kathy moved to limit the 20 day long-term substitute to 10 days for Jon Rubin, who will be filling in for Gail Rogers for the remainder of the year. This is consistent with the earlier motion regarding Chris Greissinger. Motion was seconded by Jennifer and carried 5:0.

Committee Assignments:

Board representative to Budget Committee: Harry; Anita will be the alternate.

Curriculum Council representative(s): Kathy and Anita will share responsibility

Middle School Budget Committee: Doug

Policy Committee: Janet Listowich will continue to represent the Board

SAU Building Facility Rep.: Doug

Support Staff Job Descriptions: Jennifer and Doug to update in cooperation with Ken, Principals and union

Farley Building Discussions rep: Doug

NHSBA Policy Rep.: Harry

NHSBA Delegate: Jennifer

DIRT (Do It Recycle Today): Jennifer

Food Service: Kathy and Anita

Parent Survey: Jennifer and Kathy

PTA Liaison: Jennifer

Detailed discussion of the request for a court-ordered Special District Meeting. The Board does not feel it has enough information to make a decision. Ken will set up a meeting with Atty. Drescher and the Board to discuss further.

The Board drafted a letter to HESSA.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.