Approved: 6/14/05

SAU 41 BOARD Meeting

Hollis Upper Elementary School

April 12, 2005

7:00 PM

Doug Cleveland, Chair

Anne Dumas, Vice-Chair

Michael Dreyer, Secretary

Clayton Mathieson, Brookline

Anita Moynihan, Hollis

Jennifer MacLeod, Hollis

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

David Partridge, Brookline (arrived 7:30)

Steve Simons, H/B Coop

Michael Molkentine, Brookline

Kathy de Lacy, Hollis

Thomas Enright, H/B Coop

Kenneth DeBenedictis, Superintendent of Schools

Carol Mace, Curriculum Director

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Ruth Bobich, Recording Secretary

Superintendent Ken DeBenedictis called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Since this is the first meeting of the new Board, the Superintendent will run the meeting until a Chairperson is elected. The meeting began with all of the Board members present introducing themselves. There are now 17 members on this SAU 41 Board, 5 of them new.

Ken asked for any nominations for the Chairperson of the Board. Anne Dumas motioned to nominate Doug Cleveland for Chairperson of the Board. Kathy de Lacy seconded the motion. There were no other nominations. The motion carried 10-0-1 (Doug abstained).

Doug took over the meeting from Ken. He asked for nominations for Vice-Chair. Anita Moynihan motioned to nominate Anne Dumas for Vice-Chair. Kathy de Lacy seconded the motion. The motion carried 11-0.

Doug asked for nominations for Board secretary. Steve Simons motioned to nominate Mike Dreyer for secretary. Mike Molkentine seconded the motion. The motion carried 11-0.

Open Forum

Mike Dreyer asked for an explanation of the Charter of this Board. Ken responded that the RSA’s govern what is done. This Board is made up of the Board members of all three districts, and they make decisions about SAU personnel. They are required by law to meet twice a year. There must be a meeting in April after officials are elected in March and another meeting in December. This Board has voted to limit the number of their meetings to four per year, with the other two meetings usually held in June and September. Mike D. thanked Ken and Doug for this explanation.


Steve S. motioned to accept the minutes of the December 14, 2004 SAU 41 Board meeting. Anita M. seconded the motion. The motion carried 7-0-4 (only 7 of the Board members present tonight were at the December 14th meeting).

The possibility of posting "Draft" minutes of the SAU Board meetings on the SAU website will be looked into.


SAU personnel: A discussion took place about the formation of a committee to review the salary and benefits of SAU personnel. This committee would need to investigate many areas, both within and outside of the SAU, to update the process currently used. The time-line would be to have this completed for implementation for the 2006-07 school year. Mike D. motioned for the SAU Board to establish a committee of no less than 3 members, one from each individual Board comprising the SAU Board, to review existing personnel salary, benefits and method of evaluations, and to present their findings and recommendations to the Board no later than the meeting of the SAU Board in December 2005, for implementation, where necessary, starting in the 2006-07 school year. Kathy seconded the motion. The motion carried 11-0. Each Board will select a representative for this committee at their next Board meeting. Each Board will let Doug C. know who their representative will be.

Facilities needs: Problems that need to be addressed in the current SAU facilities are as follows: 1) With the hiring of two new people additional office space is needed in the SAU building. 2) The current conference room in the SAU building is too small for large group meetings. 3) Parking at the SAU building is inadequate. 4) Support columns in the barn, which is used for storage, are rotting. It was noted that the SAU building and grounds are owned by the Hollis school district, and that all three districts pay rent for the SAU to use them. It was asked if the Farley Building could be used by the SAU, since that is also owned by the Hollis school district, and soon the Coop will no longer need it. Ken responded that it would be less expensive to re-configure the current SAU building than to make use of the Farley building. Anita M. motioned to establish a committee to look at the facilities needs for the SAU building and the adjacent barn. Mike M. seconded the motion. A discussion followed. It was thought that the total cost would be around $10,000.00. It was suggested that Building and Grounds Supervisor Wayne Zold be involved. Steve S. motioned to have Wayne Zold make a report of his recommendations for the facilities needs to the SAU Board at their next meeting. Dave P. seconded the motion. Steve’s motion carried 12-0. Anita M. withdrew her motion to establish a committee.

Transitional Plan for Superintendent

The new Superintendent, Rich Pike, will start on July 1, 2005. Ken, who will be Superintendent until June 30, 2005, will continue to meet with him until then. Kathy d. has already discussed with Lee Ann about having a reception for Rich Pike. It is being planned for May, and includes all three districts in the SAU.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Carol Mace updated the Board about the SAU website. The first web-based curriculum guide, Health, is now on-line. Other areas are under development.

SAU Board representation is needed on the Curriculum Council, since Sue Heard is no longer a Board member. It was suggested that it would benefit all of the districts if they each had their own representative on this committee. Each Board will discuss this at their next meeting, and get back to Carol with the name of their member.

Carol will be giving a presentation for the Brookline and Hollis Parent Council on "Gender Equity". It will be Friday April 15th at 7 PM. As an additional piece of information, Carol included a newspaper article from 1927 that shows this was a topic even then!

Other Business

Tom E. stated that the Coop Board has two labor contracts to negotiate next year, and other districts may also have contracts to negotiate. He suggested that all three districts would benefit from attending a conference with an NHSBA member to learn about negotiations and collective bargaining. Ken will try to arrange something for Monday June 6th, and he will get back to the Board on it.


Dick Mehlhorn updated the Board on the technology changes that have and will be taking place. It was noted that Dick will be retiring at the end of this school year.

All seven buildings in the SAU are now connected through a wide-area network.

There are currently about 35 servers, and that number is expected to be reduced as new technology is introduced.

There is now consistency throughout the SAU: All computers have internet access; all the libraries use Follett as their database; all six kitchens use the same program (WINSNAP); all student records in all buildings are kept with the same program (WINSCHOOL).

Dick spoke about the refurbished PC’s that have been introduced into the schools over the past three years, and their cost savings.

A summer technology program will be offered to the staff again this summer.

Our technology is currently using NT, which will no longer be supported by Microsoft. So a switch to 2003 will begin. New servers and software will be needed (this is when the reduction in the number of servers will begin). Any existing problems with coordinating the different telephone companies used within the district will be resolved before installing 2003. It is hoped that the first phase of installing 2003 will be completed for the start of the 2005-06 school year.

Dick is working towards having a five year plan in place in each district so that there is a constant dollar amount in the budgets for technology.

Dick has already done an analysis of each district for their strengths and weaknesses. This information can be emailed to any Board member who requests it, and he is willing to discuss the information with them.

Dick was thanked for his presentation.

Kathy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Jim M. seconded the motion. The motion carried 12-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.






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