Approved:  April 19, 2007

SAU Board Meeting

H/B High School Music Room

November 2, 2006


Mike Dreyer, Chair

William Beauregard, HSB

Betty Hall, H/B Coop

Wanda Meagher, BSB

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

James O’Shea, HSB

Dave Partridge, BSB

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Venu Rao, HSB

Steve Simons, H/B Coop


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Robert Kelly, Director of Special Education

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Mellinee Capasso, Business Administrator

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Mike Dreyer called the meeting to order at 6:50 pm with the pledge of allegiance




A motion was made to accept the minutes of September 28th as written by Steve Simons.  Dan Peterson seconds the motion.  The motion was defeated 3 yes, 5 no, 1 abstention.


Maintenance Budget


Wayne Zold gave the presentation on the SAU office maintenance budget. The five year plan included interior and exterior repairs.












The Hollis School District is landlord of the SAU Office and the lease is due to expire on June 30th, 2006.  The Hollis School Board will be taking this up at its next board meeting.


A 3 year mowing contract expired recently with Dutton.  It will be coming up for renewal.  The Board discussed waiving the bid process.  Mike Dreyer asked to have a more thorough discussion regarding this at the December meeting.  Mellinee is concerned that Dutton’s price of $40,000 is off the table if the Board goes out to bid.


Technology Audit


Rich Raymond gave the technology audit and reviewed his action plan.


SAU 41 Technology Audit Action Plan:


Firewall:  The Netscreen 5 XP has been upgraded to the Netscreen 25.  This has eliminated connection problems to the Internet due to sessions limit.  A DMZ will also be configured for the mail and web servers.


APC 1400 UPS in HBHS wiring closet:  An APC 2200 has been ordered.  The 1400 will be deployed to HPS.


Policies and procedures:  As part of the Technology Task Committee’s goals the IT tech sub group will address putting these in place.  We have had 1 meeting and started the process to develop the procedures suggested in the audit.


The proxy and Websense servers will be replaced in December with an iPrizm filtering solution.  This is an inline hardware device that will be fully licensed and meet CIPA requirements.


VOIP:  Contacted LD service and hardware providers.  The recommended solution is to negotiate a more competitive rate.  The technology audit, various hardware venders, and long distance providers are in agreement that additional costs to add the required bandwidth would not justify any additional savings of implementing VOIP.  Contact information has been turned over to business office.


File Servers to meet ICT standards will be included in local building budgets.


Currently looking at a helpdesk solution.




2 year plan to address remaining audit findings.


Year 2007-2008


Year 2008-2009


The telephone minutes usage are approximately 218,000 minutes a year.  Requoting telephone service could save the district a lot of money.  Charter Communications would use a Vonage type service and will be giving the district a quote.  Dan Peterson asked if we could get rid of dedicated lines, as he feels it would be a substantial cost savings.  Jim Murphy agreed with Dan.  Jim Murphy suggested bringing the downlink to Brookline to avoid working with the local Hollis phone company.


Bid for telecommunications

Upgrades for 2007/2008 will enhance performance.


Mike Dreyer asked if it is worth our while to create a Technology Sub-Committee to review our needs.  Mike Dreyer asked for a volunteer to come up with a framework.  Wanda Meagher will spearhead coming up with a framework.  Anyone who has any ideas should contact Wanda Meagher. 


Jim Murphy comments that we should try to tap the expertise in the community to help solve our technology issues.


The Chair called for a 5 minute recess at 8:15


Professional Development/Data Administrator Proposal


Carol Mace started the presentation with a proposal for professional development.

The proposal is in three strands:


Ø      Strand I:           Differentiated Instruction

§         Induction of new teachers

§         Increase expertise of all K-12 teachers


Ø      Strand II:          Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards

§         To provide teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to weave technology experiences into all content areas and all grade levels

·        Summer 2007   Series of workshops with in-house and outside presenters

·        07-08 school year   Series of after school workshops with in-house and outside presenters


Carol Mace told the Board that ICT standards will require each student to earn a ½ credit in advanced ITC courses and have a digital portfolio in order to graduate.


Dave Partridge asked who is requiring this.  Carol responded that the State Board of Education made this a requirement for graduates starting in 2009.  Carol also said that a K-8 digital portfolio is also required.  Carol said that currently we are doing some pieces of this but it needs to be organized.  Dave Partridge commented that this require each student to have a data storer.


Rich Raymond noted that each student currently has a folder, however it is only 10 megabytes. 


Jim Murphy stated that this will impact the technology needs of the district.


Ø      Strand III:         Administrative Leadership Development

§         Creating Professional Learning Communities – To build a culture of mutual cooperation, personal growth, and collaborative efforts in order to promote sustained school improvement

§         Supporting Differentiated Instruction – To increase knowledge and expertise in observing, monitoring, and assessing differentiated instruction in the classroom and to make differentiated instruction an important component of the new teacher evaluation system

§         Implementing new evaluation system


Total cost for this program is $50,200.  This could be put in the SAU budget or put in each of the individual districts’ budgets.


Bill Beauregard asked when teachers would be expected to do this.  Carol replied that she sees this being done in a summer institute or in after school workshops.


Jim Murphy wanted to know what his principals think about it and wants to talk to teachers about their attendance before jumping on board with this.  He feels that the cost for this program should be put in the budget of each district.


Venu Rao asked that if this is a voluntary program, how effective is it.  Carol Mace responded that she doesn’t know.  Carol said that she will be speaking to the teachers and administrators next week.


Mike Dreyer wants accountability that this program works.


Carol Mace proceeded to present the proposal for Data Management System


Proposal for Data Management System



An SAU 41 Data Committee, representing classroom teachers, administrators, and technology professionals from all districts and all levels, spent a portion of 2004 – 2005 examining data warehousing systems. Activities included gathering information at conferences and through readings, talking with vendors, and visiting school districts identified by the Department of Education as technology leaders in the state of NH.  In the fall of 2005, the committee, in consultation with the leadership team and the Superintendent, concluded that the Quality School Portfolio (QSP) provided many of the features it was looking for in a data warehouse/data analysis tool.


·        Highlights of QSP

Ø      Developed by an educator for educators (Nationally recognized for his work in technology and data)

Ø      Web-based and secure – multi-level password protection, encrypted, back-up system

Ø      Provides immediate access to data from any computer

Ø      Maintains longitudinal records

Ø      Integrates data from multiple sources

Ø      Disaggregates data by subgroups

Ø      Includes a range of variables

Ø      Provides 23 graphic reporting options

Ø      More information at


·        Next steps

Ø      Allocate funds in 2007-2008 budget for data management system

Ø      Three components to budget proposal

ü      Data warehouse/data analysis tool ($6.00 per student)

§         Revisit process (recommendation is one year old)

§         Develop RFP to determine best vendor

§         Budget $6.00 per student

                     Brookline approximately $3,700

                     Hollis approximately $5,000

                     Coop approximately $8,000

ü      Hardware – desktop computer and licenses $1,000

ü      Personnel – Data Manager F/T salary range of $35,000-$40,000

      (Please see attached job description)

Ø      Establish project plan, timeline, and critical path by June, 2007


Dan Peterson researched this.  QSP is actually free, however, you need to have someone to manage it. 


Carol Mace said that the cost associated with QSP would allow us to partner with Rochester school district, who would manage it for us.


Mike Dreyer asked that if we hire a Data Manager, could they do this for us since the software is free.  Carol Mace replied that she would have Rochester manage it as a start up until a Data Manager could be trained by Rochester on it.


Dan Peterson doesn’t understand why we would need both Rochester and a Data Manager.


Dave Partridge doesn’t see any money for training teachers and administrators on this software.


Carol Mace would start by training administrators and then work on training the teachers.


Wanda Meagher was interested in hearing whether or not the teachers use it and how many teachers use it.


Jim Murphy makes the comment that a program like QSP might help drive vision for the technology program.


Dan Peterson suggests trying a class per district and set up a pilot program to see how it works in each of the schools.


The Board had a discussion with Rich Raymond about state reporting requirements and the work involved in generating these mandated reports.  These reports are very labor intensive and prone to data entry errors.  Rich Raymond stated that most of the districts use Winschool software to generate these reports.  This software will not be supported for much longer.  The H/B High School has made the switch to MSS.  The Board noted that the technology plan needs to include a plan and costs for upgrading to MSS.


Mike Dreyer asked Carol Mace for a roll out recommendation by priority. 


Dan Peterson was concerned whether we needed IT help at the SAU level or within each district.  He suggests hiring temps to help Rich Raymond and the IT team with the busy work to free them up. 


Rich Pike stated that the district needs data driven decision making.  We want to use data to drive decisions.  We do not want to be data rich and information poor.


Bill Beauregard volunteered to work with Carol and our IT people to come up with a scope of what the district needs.


The Board asked Rich Raymond to come up with the skill set of people they need, how many people and how many hours.


2007-2008 SAU Budget Overview


Chris Hyde came to speak regarding the SAU Budget.  As a member of the Hollis Budget committee, he would like to have say on the budget. 


Dave Partridge noted that these are all public meetings and everyone is welcome to come and speak.


Mike Dreyer said he is sorry that he didn’t notify Chris.


Chris Hyde asked that the SAU Board notify the local budget committees of the Budget Hearing dates.


Mellinee reviewed the SAU budget with the Board


SAU # 41


FY 2008 Proposed SAU Budget Recommendations


Ø      Merit with related FICA/Retirement Costs


●    Merit                                                    36,380

●    FICA                                                     2,783

●    Retirement                                              3,014

      TOTAL                                                                        42,177


Ø      Staff Development


●    Office of Superintendent                       (2,445)           

●    Curriculum & Instruction                         2,644

●    Special Education                                   2,535

●    Fiscal Services                            3,730

●    Information Management                           900

      TOTAL                                                                        7,364


Ø      Unifund Budget Sense Software Support                                   10,539


Ø      Employee Benefits:

     ●Health/Dental                                  5,217

                             ●Life/ITIP Insurance                          6,900

                             ●Employee Retirement                       9,964

  (from 6.71% to 8.74%)

TOTAL                                                                              22,081


      GRAND TOTAL                                                             $82,161



Ø      Additional Considerations (not included in budget):



                             ●     Telephone system                                                     $10,295



     ●     Data Management                                           

            (Salary Range $35,000 to $40,000

                        with FT benefits)                                   $52,232 - $58,052


The total SAU Budget proposed for 2008 is $1,182,852.  This represents a 7.01% increase in the budget over last year.


Mellinee explained that the support staff benefits are aligned with the support staff benefits with the H/B Coop, that are currently under negotiation.  If the cap increases to $975 from $875, there would be an additional budget cost of $2,648.


Chris Hyde stated that the Town of Hollis employees are self insured and that maybe the school districts should consider this type of health insurance program.


Mellinee Capasso replied that they are getting quotes on that.


James O’Shea asked about conferences and whether it was practice to report to the

Board about what staff gained by attending these conferences. 


Rich Pike said that he has in his newsletter reported what he learned at his conferences.


Jim Murphy expressed concerns over the cost of conferences.  He would like to see reasons for going and a report back on the results of the conference.


Dan Peterson asked about National Conferences.  Carol Mace explained that the Plan for Social Excellence has paid for her travel to conferences.  The Plan for Social Excellence is dissolving.  She does travel to one National or Regional conference per year.  Bob Kelly has similar conferences.  Dan thinks there should be a pool of conference money and Rich Pike should decide who goes to what.


Mike Dreyer asked that any further questions on the budgets be given to Mellinee with answers copied to the Board Chair.


Rich Pike asked for feedback on the budget, so that they know what kind of changes to make.


Dan Peterson suggests the increase be 4% instead of 7%.  He thinks that 5% merit increases are too much and that conference money should be pooled.


Chris Hyde said the CPIU is going to be about 3.4% and suggests that increase.


Rich Pike wanted to put the budget increase in perspective by reviewing the budget increase of the last 5 years.  In comparison he feels that this budget is low.  He would not want merit raises below 4%.

2000        11.5%

2001        15.2%

2002        8.2%

2003        9.5%

2004        7.7%

2005        9.2%

2006        5.2%


Betty Hall agrees with Dan Peterson.  However, she would consider going over the 4% for worthwhile programs.


Steve Simons says that whatever the Coop Budget committee imposes should be passed on to the SAU.


James O’Shea is comfortable with 4% merit.  6% budget increase overall.


Jim Murphy agrees with 4% merit and overall 4% unless there are exceptional program items.


Bill Beauregard feels that the budget should increase no more than 3.4%.


Venu Rao feels that management can’t increase any more than the schools, therefore 3.4%


Dave Partridge agrees with no more than 4% on merit raises, if the additional overall costs are going to go for value added programs, then he is for it.


Wanda Meagher agrees to merit raises between 3.5-4.0 % and up to 6% for the whole budget, based on programs.


Mike Dreyer is for 6%, but there should be the technology portion.


Chris Hyde suggests putting new programs on a warrant articles.


Dan Peterson suggests putting QSP in all the separate districts.


Rich Pike suggests bringing back a budget of 4.5% with additional line items up to 6%.


Superintendent Evaluation Committee Review


The report was distributed for the board members to read and discuss at the next meeting.

Mike Dreyer wants everyone to read it and be prepared to finalize it on Dec. 7th..  He also encouraged each of the Boards to have a conversation with Rich Pike on the state of their district.


Acceptable Use Policy


Jim Murphy reported that there should only be one meeting.


Other Business


The board discussed televising the hearing on December 7th at the H/B Middle School.


A motion was made to adjourn by Steve Simons.  The motion was second by Dave Partridge.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 10 yes, 0 no.




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Hollis Board Chair  ________________________________________       Date:  ______


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