Approved: October 6, 2005



SAU #41 Board Meeting

Captain Samuel Douglas Academy

September 6, 2005


Doug Cleveland, Chair

Kathy de Lacy, HSB

Mike Dreyer, BSB

Betty Hall, H/B Coop

Pam Kirby, H/B Coop

Jennifer MacLeod, HSB

Mike Molkentine, BSB

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

Dave Partridge, BSB

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Steve Simons, H/B Coop


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Mary Kay Mac Farlane, Recording Secretary


Doug Cleveland called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm


Open Forum


There were no items for Open Forum


Medicaid Reimbursement Program Presentation


Jude Schultz from the NH Department of Human Services gave a presentation on Medicaid Reimbursement. This presentation lasted about 30 minutes.


The presentation gave a history of the Medicaid to Schools program. Jude reviewed the Medicaid eligibility requirements, how schools participate to receive payment and Medicaid covered services and equipment. These services included OT, PT Speech, language, hearing, vision, nursing, mental health services, rehabilitative assistance and transportation. Medicaid required documentation including service documentation, transaction log and rehabilitative assistant transaction log were reviewed. Jude also reviewed services that are often overlooked but covered by Medicaid. The presentation concluded with a discussion of the waiver and audit processes. Jude then answered several questions from the Board members and audience regarding Medicaid reimbursement.




Approval of Minutes


A motion is made by Steve Simons to accept the minutes of July 26, 2005 as amended to include that Kathy de Lacy was in attendance. The motion was seconded by Jennifer MacLeod. The motion carried by unanimous vote, 11 yes, 0 no.


Superintendents Report


The Superintendents Report was given by Rich Pike.


2005/2006 Goals

  • Rich Pike wanted to stress that we have outstanding leadership in this district.


  • Rich Pike sent a draft of goals to school board members. He will discuss strategies to achieve those goals at the next SAU Meeting.


  • Communications and Community Outreach are very important goals.


  • He would like to see us build leadership in our own organization.


Personnel Committee

  • The Personnel Committee had first meeting with him where they shared ideas and goals.


Report from the Director of Special Education


Bob Kelly gave the report on Special Education.


SAU #41 Annual Legal Notices for IDEA

  • The annual legal notices for IDEA still have some legal issues to work out and an updated copy is expected to be public soon



  • Every Special Education position is filled and new transitions are in place.



  • All transportation needs are being met to date.


2005/2006 Revenue Projections

Brookline IDEA: $ 93,236

Brookline Cat Aid: $ 37,455

Hollis IDEA $137,477

Hollis Cat Aid: $ 21,205

H/B IDEA: $186,111

H/B Cat Aid: $ 2,432


Medicaid 2005/2006

  • More for each district that state averages forecasted for 2004/2005 year.
  • Early October to receive Granite State Billings figures
  • Assess 2005/2006 cases to 2004/05 for 2006/07 budget preparations by December.




2005/06 Budget Projections

  • All within budget


2004/05 Year End Balances


Coop Hollis Brookline

Remaining Amount 189,202 33,100 -46,970

IDEA Accounting* 124,118 122,858 71,466

Net year-end Balance 65,084 -89,758 -118,436


*1200 accounts in addition to FICA, Guidance and some contracted services. That is, total IDEA more than 1200 accounts reflect.


Individual Board approval for accepting grant funds

  • All districts will have separate grant applications which will need to be approved at individual board meetings.


Training/In-service Workshops

  • IDEA 2004 Reauthorization changes in statute and practices: currently and ongoing.
  • Medicaid procedures for all staff: new and existing
  • SAU #41 Special Education Procedures Manual: Finalizing 2004/05 work.
  • Annual IDEA, Section 504 and FERPA notices review for administrators.
  • New school board members special education in-service workshop
  • New SAU #41 IEP Forms
  • NH DOE Procedural Safeguards Parent Handbook for Special Education


Report from the Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Carol Mace gave the report on the curriculum.


Summer Technology Workshops

  • SAU-wide initiative
  • 12 workshop offerings Beginning to Advanced courses based on needs assessment

      Word, Access, Excel, FrontPage, PhotoShop, Multimedia Devices, Outlook

  • 97 participants
  • Extremely positive feedback
  • Grant-funded (Plan for Social Excellence, Inc.)


Curriculum Development

  • Summer Curriculum Projects


      High school chemistry courses

      Social Studies

      K-12 work on web-based template

      Visual and Performing Arts

      High school art and dance courses


      Elementary/Middle School GLE coordination meeting

      High school geometry courses

      Language Arts

      Hollis Primary School Develop reading comprehension strategies

      Middle School 7th and 8th grade curriculum

      High School Honors literature and poetry courses

      Physical Education

      K-12 work on web-based template


  • Goals

      Web-access for all K-12 curriculum guides

      Increased coordination for transitional years elementary/middle and middle/high


  • Curriculum Council

      Monthly meetings to coordinate work of K-12 task committees

      Organizational meeting September 15, 2005

      SAU Board representation

      Coop Betty Hall

      Hollis Anita Moynihan and Kathy de Lacy

      Brookline TBD


  • Plan for Social Excellence $25,000

      Proposal submitted by Hollis Brookline High School Curriculum Innovation Team (CIT)

      One-year extension of high school technology project

      Continued funding for teacher mini-grants and professional development

      Middle School also received a grant for $95,000 for wireless carts, laptops, projectors and professional development.


  • Fidelity Investments and Keith and Lisa Wallin Matching Grant $14,000

      Hollis Brookline High School CIT Project $8,000

      Proposal written by Lindsay Lankin

      Networkable LCD projector and desktop computer for Hollis/Brookline High School auditorium for school and community use

      Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Task Force Project $6,000

      Proposal written by Karen Sayward

      Music workstations (piano keyboards, computers, and notational software)

      2 for Brookline elementary schools

      2 for Hollis elementary schools

      2 for Hollis/Brookline High School

      Hollis Brookline Middle School acquired 18 music workstations last year through separate grant funding

      Will support K-12 program coordination

      Will enable students to begin writing compositions, and developing basic and advanced skills in music theory


Gender Equity Update

  • Stage I (2003-2004)

      Awareness - Faculty, Administration, School Boards

  • Stage II (2004-2005)

      Data analysis, planning, implementation

      Report to Board, November 2004

      Presentation to community, April 2005

  • Stage III (2005-2006)

      Create data warehouse to facilitate data collection and analysis

      Monitor implementation

      Staff development opportunities that focus on gender specific learning styles

      PowerPoint presentation for Brookline faculty members

      Folder of research articles for Hollis faculty members

      Discussion topic at K-12 faculty meetings identify issues and develop strategies for improvement

      Parent and community outreach UNH presenter Tom Newkirk for parent night

      Assess Progress long-range process


Business Administrators Report


Lee Ann Blastos gave the report on the Five Year Plan.


The Board was given the 5 year plan for the SAU Staff and Facilities. This is for people to review for the upcoming budget season. Everything was implemented except the phone system and a study for the uses of the Farley building.



YEAR 2005 - 2006 NEEDS






Upgrade Sr. Accountant's position to

$10K salary increase

Assistant Business Administrator

may be offset by hiring


a new Superintendent



at a lower salary





Study future usage of the Farley Bldg






Create PTE Human Resources position








Pte receptionist to free up current









Increase hours for accountant

Approx. $18,215, including








Upgrade current telephone system

$3,000 est



YEAR 2006 - 2007 NEEDS






Increase hours for accounts payable

Approx. $8,109,



including benefits





Human Resources Person to FTE

$28,860 includes benefits





Upgrade accounting software and hardware

$14,000 est





Fte receptionist to free up current









Study possibility of adding assistant special



education administrator




Chairs Report


Doug Cleveland gave the Chairs Report.


SAU Barn and Parking Update

  • Doug Cleveland said that they got an estimate on the structural repairs to the Barn and they look to be less than anticipated.


  • The parking plan called for an additional 10 parking spaces. Three different alternatives were examined. Three estimates were received for all three plans. The Hollis Historic district was also consulted on the plans. The estimates received were more expensive than budgeted due to increase in gas prices, petroleum products and the fact that paving was not included in the original estimates.



Establishment of an SAU Budget Subcommittee Proposal


  • SAU Budget Subcommittee Proposal for one member from each board to work with Lee Ann in establishing the next years budget. If the board members do not feel it is necessary, then Doug, as Chair, will work with Lee Ann in this process. Mike Dreyer volunteered to represent Brookline. It is suggested that a SAU Finance Advisory Committee made up of Town Budget Committee representatives. Betty Hall suggests that Anne Dumas would be a good candidate from the H/B Coop Board. Kathy de Lacy suggests Harry Haytayan as a candidate from the HSB. The Hollis and H/B Coop School Boards will meet and nominate someone.


Other Business


Policy Review

  • Some fine tuning needs to be done to reflect current practices.


Steve Simons makes a motion to strike job descriptions from the policy of SAU #41 and into SAU #41s procedures. Mike Molkentine seconds the motion. The motion is carried 8 yes, 3 no.


  • Doug Cleveland would like see the SAU policy descriptions at the next board meeting in December.




  • Rich Pike is going to talk to Ted Comstock about rescheduling the Negotiations meeting and see what options are available.


Wellness Committee


  • Wellness Committee there has been a proposal to establish a committee with a member from each Board. This is kicked off by a national food and nutrition policy that needs to be in place by June 30, 2005.


Kathy de Lacy makes a motion to establish a Wellness committee with a member from each board. Jennifer MacLeod seconded the motion. The motion carried by a vote of 11 yes, 0 no.


Future Agenda Items

  • No additional items at this time


A motion to adjourn was made by Steve Simons. The motion was seconded by Dave Partridge. The motion carried by unanimous vote 11 yes, 0 no.


10:00 pm