Approved: June 24, 2008


  SAU 41 School Board Minutes of  Thursday January 31, 2008


The full SAU Board came together at the Hollis/Brookline Middle School Library at 5:00 on January 31 for the purpose of interviewing candidates for the SAU 41 Superintendent.

They interviewed the Following:

Gail Paludi;   Jean Richards with a break for sandwiches and sodas.  They recessed until Friday night at 5:00 to interview the other two candidates:  Bob White and Susan Hodgdon.  The second night the full Board was in attendance minus Harry Haytayan.


Following a break for Pizza and the conclusion of the candidate interviews the Board went into Non-Public Session for the purpose of deciding on the final candidate on motion by Beth Lukovits and second  by Wanda Meager and unanimous vote of the Board .

After leaving Non-Public Session the Board  agreed that we would vote on the contract when we found out if she accepted the contract and at what salary


There was a motion to adjourn by  Cindy Ryherd  and second by James McCann.  The meeting adjourned at 11:40 p.m.  




Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Farwell