APPROVED:  JUNE 13, 2006

SAU Board Meeting

November 15, 2005

Hollis Brookline Middle School


Doug Cleveland, Chair

Kathy de Lacy, Hollis

Mike Dreyer, Brookline

Tom Enright, H/B Coop

Betty Hall, H/B Coop

Beth Lukovits, Brookline

Jennifer MacLeod, Hollis

Mike Molkentine, Brookline

Anita Moynihan, Hollis

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

Dave Partridge, Brookline

Steve Simons, H/B Coop


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Bob Kelley, Special Education

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Doug Cleveland called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm




A motion was made to approve the minutes of October 2005, as amended, by Steve Simons.  Amendments to the minutes were: Steve Simons seconded the motion on the parking lot and Mike Dreyer took the minutes at the October meeting.  Dave Partridge seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 8 yes, 0 no.


Presentation of Technology Plan – Rich Raymond






Steve Simons made a motion to accept the technology plan as amended.  Amendments are: 30 million from 35 million on page 3 and in Appendix D change wording to “Districts’ Acceptable Use Policy”. The motion was seconded by Anita Moynihan. The motion carried by a vote 10 yes, 2 no.


Anita Moynihan expressed concern over the recent article in the Hollis/Brookline Journal regarding teens giving out too much personal information on line and that many parents are unaware of this.  The Board discussed the issue of educating students and parents.


Dave Partridge stated that the rate the district pays for its internet connection is high. He asked what kind of services we get for $1900/month.  Rich Raymond replied that the T1 lines are monitored 24/7.  If it goes down it will be back in 4 hours or less. Mail is forwarded.  Dave asked when the last time the service was priced out.


Jim Murphy noted that 24/7 service on the T1 lines can drive up the price.  He questioned whether 24/7 service is really necessary.


Dave Partridge made a motion to evaluate the internet service as part of the budget process.  Mike Molkentine seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 12 yes, 0 no.


Steve Simons asked why we are having more than 4 meetings. 


Doug Cleveland explained that some were workshops but some were necessary for the budget process.  Rich Pike said that they can work on what constitutes a meeting versus a workshop.  Rich also thought that the Board wanted this extra meeting in order to be better informed about the budget.


Anita Moynihan commented that she would have preferred to review these numbers prior to the meeting this evening.


Rich Pike said they tried to finish the budget earlier, but ran into a problem that delayed the completion of the budget until today.


Doug Cleveland commented that they are on a deadline to have this budget posted and need to approve a total dollar amount to post tonight.


SAU Budget 2007


Rich Pike passed out the budget to the Board.  Since Lee Ann Blastos is unable to attend the meeting due to illness, Rich Pike and Doug Cleveland reviewed the budget with the Board.  Any questions regarding the budget should be sent to Doug Cleveland.


The budget totaled $1,118,261.00.  The budget grew by $68,183, which represents an increase of 6.49% over last year’s budget.  The increases occurred in three main areas.  Fiscal Services, Operating Building Services and Employee Benefits.  There is a built-in increase of 17% for Health Insurance.


An increase in Fiscal Services is mostly due to New Positions, Salaries and an increase is Audit Fees.


An increase in Operating Building Services is mostly due to Snow Removal and Heating Oil.


An increase in Employee Benefits is mostly due to Merit Increases and New Position Benefits.


Line items from the 5 year plan that are included in the 2007 SAU Budget are:

Accounts Payable Clerk 32.5 hrs/week.                                                $  6,127


TOTAL 5 Year Plan Expenses                                                             $36,387


It was also noted that new mileage rates were included in the budget.


The Board questioned Rich Pike on several line items.  Most of the questions pertained to the salary increases.  There is a 5% increase in Merit Increases in the budget.  Rich explained that he would like to do away with the SAUCER program of increases and give a 4% salary increase with 1% held in reserve for Comp Equity Adjustment.


Mike Dreyer noted that if they are to keep to the 4% increase requested by the Coop Budget Committee, $26,000 needs to be cut from this budget.


Jim Murphy commented that administrators should have increases consistent with the teachers’ increases.


The Board asked Rich to go over the budget with Lee Ann and see what could be cut to get to a 4% increase.


Mike Molkentine made a motion to post the SAU Budget 2007 at $1,092,081, a flat 4% increase over last year.


Discussion ensued.  There was no second to the motion by Mike Molkentine.


Steve Simons made a motion to post the SAU budget for 2007 as is.  Tom Enright seconded the motion.  The motion carried 10 yes, 2 no.


Anita Moynihan made a motion to adjourn.  Kathy de Lacy seconded the motion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote 12 yes, 0 no.