SAU #41 Board Meeting

H/B Middle School

December 7, 2006


Mike Dreyer, Chair

William Beauregard, HSB

Beth Lukovits, BSB

Jennifer MacLeod, HSB

Wanda Meagher, BSB

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

James O’Shea, HSB (late arrival 7:20 pm)

Dave Partridge, BSB

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Venu Rao, HSB

Webb Scales, H/B Coop

Steve Simons, H/B Coop

Tom Solon, BSB


Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Mellinee Capasso, Business Administrator

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary



Mike Dreyer called the meeting to order at 9:35 pm.


Business Administrator Report


Mellinee Capasso gave the Business Administrator’s report.


Mellinee is looking into the telephone system upgrades throughout the district.


Bill Dutton’s quote was a three year contract of $119,994.  Extra Lawn Care contract price of $60,000.  Michael Miller contract price $61,000. 


A motion was made to waive the bid policy for mowing by Steve Simons  Dave Partridge seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 12 yes, 1 no.


Dave Partridge wants to amend the motion to waive the bid policy to accept Bill Dutton’s contract based on $39,998 for a period of three years.  The motion was seconded by Steve Simons.  The motion carried by a vote of 13 yes, 0 no.




Director of Curriculum


Carol Mace gave the Director of Curriculum’s report.


Professional development program will be going to each of the individual boards for approval.


Superintendent Evaluation Committee


Mike Dreyer gave the presentation on the Superintendent Evaluation Committee.




  1. What is the process?
    1. The process will provide performance assessment utilizing written and verbal feedback from multiple sources that will include interim performance progress reviews and a final formal written evaluation.


  1. How will it be implemented?
    1. In July of every year, a subcommittee will be formed with the responsibility of overseeing and implementing the Superintendent Performance Assessment Process (PAP).  The process allows for the subcommittee to be flexible in approach and implementation.  Any changes to the approved scope or structure would require SAU Board approval.


  1. What are the documents used?
    1. For use for collecting feedback and comments, a Superintendent Evaluation Form (SEF) will be distributed by the evaluation subcommittee.  The categories for assessment are

                                                               i.      Administration

                                                             ii.      Instruction

                                                            iii.      Relationship with Board

                                                           iv.      Relationship with Staff

                                                             v.      Relationship with Community

                                                           vi.      Personal Qualities

                                                          vii.      Financial


  1. Who will be involved?
    1. Feedback will be from multiple sources SAU Administration, Individual District Administration, Professional Staff, Support Staff, Citizens, SAU Board members.


  1. What is the time line?


Discussion ensued.


Jim Murphy is concerned about the informal evaluation.  He feels it should be written down. 


Steve Simons doesn’t agree with citizens or subordinate staff evaluating the superintendent.  He feels the process is too complicated.


Jennifer MacLeod disagrees with Steve and thinks that this process is a good thing.


Wanda Meagher thinks that this evaluation plan is a very well thought out process.


Dan Peterson has concerns that it is too complex.  Implement it.  If it doesn’t work fix it.


Dave Partridge made a motion to precede with the Superintendent Evaluation process and to allow the committee to implement the process as presented by Mike Dreyer.  Wanda Meagher seconds the motion. The motion carries by a vote of 10 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention;


A motion was made to adjourn by Beth Lukovits.  The motion was seconded by Jim Murphy.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 13 yes, 0 no.


10:45 p.m.



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