SAU #41 Budget Hearing

H/B Middle School

Multi-Purpose Room

December 11, 2007


Webb Scales, Chair

Bill Beauregard, HSB

Susan Benz, HSB

Tom Enright, H/B Coop

James McCann, HSB

Wanda Meagher, BSB

James O’Shea, H/B Coop

Dave Partridge, BSB

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Cindy Ryherd, BSB

Steve Simons, H/B Coop

Tom Solon, H/B Coop (late arrival)

Janice Trembley, H/B Coop


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Dawna Duhamel, Business Administrator

Bob Kelly, Director of Special Education

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Rich Raymond, Technology

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary



Webb Scales called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.


Rich Pike introduced the SAU staff.  The original budget presented in November had a 1.76%.  The Board made several changes to that budget.  The budget being presented tonight has a 7.52% increase.  The Budget for fiscal year 2009 is $1,221,005.


Dawna Duhamel spoke regarding the budget.  Significant items included in the budget are funding for superintendent placement $21,194, merit, payroll taxes and NH retirement $37,204 and special education $40,806.




New Hampshire State Department of Education

Office of the Commissioner, Concord

School Administration Unite #41

Hollis, Brookline, Hollis/Brookline Cooperative





                                                Actual                         Budgeted                    Proposed

                                                2006-2007                   2007-2008                   2008-2009


Interest                                     $         715                   $          150                  $          150

Other                                       $    25,145                   $     25,000                  $     25,000

TOTAL RECEIPTS                 $    25,860                   $     25,150                  $     25,150



Improvement of Instruction Services

Salaries                                    $    88,581                   $     91,224                  $      91,224

Position Benefits                       $      2,215                   $       3,726                  $        3,784

SUB-TOTAL                           $    90,786                   $     94,950                  $       95,008


Office of the Superintendent

Salaries                                    $  200,818                   $   202,773                  $    207,471

Purchased Services & Equip     $    37,093                   $    28,807                   $      31,219

Position Benefits                       $      8,238                   $    10,875                   $      10,675

Other                                       $             0                   $      1,000                   $        1,000

SUB-TOTAL                           $  246,149                   $  243,455                   $    250,365


Special Education

Salaries                                    $  121,740                   $  126,042                   $  166,848

Purchased Services & Equip     $             0                   $             0                   $             0

Position Benefits                       $     8,058                    $      6,125                   $      6,260

SUB-TOTAL                           $  129,798                   $  132,267                   $  173,208


Fiscal Services

Salaries                                    $  253,856                   $  260,600                   $  260,600

Purchased Services & Equip     $      4,750                   $      3,750                   $      8,788

Position Benefits                       $      1,333                   $      4,875                   $      5,560

SUB-TOTAL                           $  259,939                   $  269,225                   $  274,948


Operation of Plant                  $    27,945                   $   27,076                    $    29,661


Data Processing Services

Salaries                                    $    62,400                   $   64,740                    $    64,740

Purchased Services & Equip     $    49,456                   $   36,184                    $    34,865

Position Benefits                       $             0                   $     1,300                    $      1,300

SUB-TOTAL                           $  111,856                   $ 102,224                    $  100,905


Employee Benefits                 $  228,939                   $ 289,806                    $  322,060


TOTAL EXPENDITURE        $1,095,422                  $1,159,003                  $1,246,155


LESS RECEIPTS                    $    25,860                   $    25,150                   $     25,150


GRAND TOTAL                     $                                                                      $1,221,005


Distribution of Funds to be Raised by Districts



                        Equalized                    Valuation        2006-07           Pupils 

                        Valuation                    %                    Pupils              %       

Brookline        $   285,993,923           15.492%             585.0            21.738%

Hollis              $   651,537,873           35.294%             762.5            28.333%

H/B Coop        $   908,508,511           49.214%          1,343.7            49.572%

TOTAL           $1,846,040,307


                        Combined       2008-09                       2007-08           Increase/

                        %                    District Share             Budget            Decrease

Brookline        18.615%          $    227,289                 $    212,521     $14,768

Hollis              31.813%          $    388,444                 $    370,649     $17,795

H/B Coop        49.572             $    605,272                 $    550,683     $54,589

TOTAL                                   $1,221,005                  $1,133,853      $87,152



%Change without SAU Board Additions                              1.76%

%Change for Superintendent Placement                             1.83%

%Change for Nov. 8th Board Adjustments                          3.93%

TOTAL % CHANGE                                                            7.52%


Dave Partridge asked about the merit raises.  He feels that a pool of 5% is too high.  People who do an outstanding job get 5%, however, that can’t be everyone.  Dave feels that a pool of 5% is too large.


Dan Peterson and Tom Enright agreed with Dave Partridge.


James O’Shea asked Dawna Duhamel if the $46,610 on line 10-2900-200-00-00000 has approximately $21,194 for superintendent placement and approximately $25,000 for merit increases.  Dawna said that was accurate.


Webb Scales invited the public to comment on the budget.


Chris Hyde has some questions on line items.  Why does the business administrator salary have an extra $5,000 and still has 5% merit increase. 


Rich Pike stated that they have a new business administrator and assistant business administrator.  The business administrator was hired for $5,000 more and the assistant was hired at $5,000 less, so that represents a wash.


Chris Hyde asked about snow removal maintenance and why there was such an increase.  Dawna explained that Hollis is no longer sanding and salting, so that is the best estimate for the cost of the extra services.


Chris Hyde feels that the merit increases are high.  He feels it should be about 3%.


Chris Hyde stated that the SAU superintendent search is needed, however, he would like to see someone who would stay longer.


Chris Hyde asked about the special education assistant director. 


Webb Scales said that there has been no staff increase in SPED in 10 years.


Webb Scales closes public input at 7:45pm.


Tom Enright made a motion that the merit increase pool be set at 3% of the total compensation line less the superintendent salary.  The motion was seconded by James O’Shea.


The motion is withdrawn


Dave Partridge asked Dawna Duhamel again if the $21,194 for the superintendent search is in the merit increases.  Dawna stated that only $15,000 of the superintendent search is in the figure.


Dave Partridge makes a motion to reduce line item 10-2900-200-00-00000 by $12,600 representing a 2% reduction in the 5% merit increases.  James O’Shea seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 11 yes, 0 no.


Rich Pike asked for a $5,000 for a study to check salary equity.


Tom Enright stated that the school administrators’ association publishes data on salaries every year.


Dan Peterson made a motion to keep the travel budget lines the same, but that we reimburse at the current IRS rate.  James O’Shea seconded the motion.  Discussion ensued.


Tom Enright feels that $.44 a mile that we currently pay is adequate.


Cindy Ryherd agrees that we should pay the IRS standard.


Dave Partridge doesn’t get mileage for business trips, so he doesn’t feel that the IRS standard is an industry standard.  He does agree that that this would have an increased effect in all districts, as he regularly signs travel vouchers. 


The motion was called to a vote.  The motion passed by a vote of 10 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention.


The special education new position was discussed. 


Webb Scales said that the money that was appropriated was for a study first, then a position if the study deems it necessary. 


James O’Shea feels that this position costs too much and puts the budget increase too high.


Dave Partridge feels that we really need this position and that the problem is a perception issue.  He feels the best way to handle it is to add this position at the SAU level.


Rich Pike would like to see the money stay in the budget.  When the study is done the board will be unable to act on those findings if there is no additional funding.


Dan Peterson agrees with James O’Shea and feels that if more people are needed for SPED it should be at the district level.  He feels a 7% increase in the SAU budget is too high.


Cindy Ryherd feels that we need to support this SPED position at the SAU level.


Tom Enright agrees with Dan and James and can’t support the current budget increase. 


James McCann supports the study.


Bill Beauregard said that the feedback that they got back from their administrators’ was that a lot of time was spent in dealing with out of district placements.


Dave Partridge feels that the need is at the supervisory level due to the growth for SPED services. 


Steve Simons said that the $40,000 won’t be spent if the study doesn’t recommend it.  But if the study recommends it and the $40,000 isn’t there, the board can’t do anything.


The Board asked if Chris Hyde had anything to add. 


Chris Hyde is glad to hear that a study is being done, but he feels funding the position is putting the cart before the horse.  He wouldn’t be in favor of funding this until a study is done.


Rich Pike feels that you are tying the hands of the new superintendent if you fund a study, but have no funds available to act on the results of the study.

Tom Solon would like to see the study, but doesn’t want to increase the SAU Staff.  He thinks study should look at Mr. Kelly’s job and see what of his jobs could be passed down to the districts.


Tom Enright makes a motion to decrease the budget by $40,000.  James O’Shea seconded the motion.  The motion failed by a vote of 4 yes, 9 no.


Bill Beauregard made a motion to return any of the $40,000 for the SPED study to the individual districts, if unused.  The motion was seconded by Steve Simons.  The motion carried by a vote of 12 yes, 0 no, 1 abstention.


Tom Enright makes a motion to accept the SAU budget at $1,233,555. The motion was seconded by Dave Partridge.  The motion carried by a votes of 12 yes, 1 no,


Wanda Meagher would like to talk about a change in the school vacation schedule at a future meeting.


A motion to adjourn was made by Tom Enright.  The motion was seconded by Dave Partridge.  The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote 13 yes.


8:55 pm.



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