Approved:  June 12, 2007

SAU Board Meeting

CSDA Media Room

April 19, 2007


Bill Beauregard, Hollis

Tom Enright, H/B Coop

Beth Lukovits, Brookline

James McCann, Hollis

Wanda Meagher, Brookline (late arrival 7:18 pm)

James O’Shea, Hollis & H/B Coop

Dave Partridge, Brookline

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Cindy Ryherd, Brookline

Webb Scales, H/B Coop

Steve Simons, H/B Coop

Tom Solon, H/B Coop (left early 9:08 pm)


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Call to Order


Rich Pike called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm.


Webb Scales is nominated as SAU Board Chair by Dave Partridge.  The nomination is seconded by James O’Shea.  Webb Scales is elected SAU Board Chair by unanimous vote 12 yes, 0 no.


Tom Solon is nominated as Vice Chair by Steve Simons.  The nomination is seconded by James O’Shea.  Tom Solon is elected SAU Vice Chair by a vote of 10 yes, 0 no 2 abstention.


Cindy Ryherd is nominated as Secretary by Beth Lukovits.  The nomination was seconded by Dave Partridge.  Cindy Ryherd is elected SAU Secretary by a vote of 10 yes, 0 no and 2 abstentions.






A motion was made by Dave Partridge to accept the minutes of September 29, 2006 as written.  Bill Beauregard seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 7 yes, 0 no and 5 abstention.


A motion was made by Beth Lukovits to accept the minutes of November 2, 2006.  The motion was seconded by James O’Shea.  The motion carried by a vote of 5 yes, 0 no, 7 abstention.


A motion was made by James O’Shea to accept the minutes of December 7, 2006 as amended.  (Webb Scales name has 2 “b’s” in it).  The motion was seconded by Dave Partridge.  The motion carried by a vote of 8 yes, 0 no, 5 abstention.


Discussion of Shared Positions


Rich Pike started the discussion on shared positions.  Bill Beauregard asked how many are there.  Rich didn’t know and would not like to leave anyone out.  Mellinee has the list and it needs to distribute it to the board members.


Administration Reports


Rich Raymond gave a report on technology.


An iPrism web filtering system which is manufactured by St. Bernard was deployed in December of 2006.  This is a fully licensed, CIPA compliant filtering solution that allows both individual and network wide reporting.  The iPrism is an “inline” device which gives us the ability to block chat rooms and instant messaging services.  Access to reports can be made available to building administrators.


Dan Peterson commented that iPrism is restricting.  Rich Raymond explained that it can be overridden with approval on an individual, computer or whole school basis as needed.


Tom Solon asked who has access to the information collected in the access reports and are there any regulations on how long we should keep them.  Webb Scales asked Rich Pike to clarify this issue for the Board.


The anti-virus software was changed to Sophos.  This is a less expensive product than our previous protection.  Sophos uses less system resources on the clients and is better at protecting against Trojan horse attacks.  A central server receives the updates on a daily basis and pushes the files out to the workstations.


The UPS battery back up system was updated in the main wiring closet at the high school.  One of the units was at maximum capacity for the number of servers connected and was replaced with a larger APC unit.  In the main wiring closet a HBHS all servers and network hardware now have UPS protection.  The smaller replaced unit was redeployed to HPS.


NWEA:  Worked with Carol Mace to implement NWEA pilot testing for 2nd and 5th grades.  This included preparation of student files to upload to NWEA as well as the server and workstation setup.


i4See:  Continue to prepare and upload i4See data to the NH DOE.  Currently there are 5 uploads per year.

            Beginning of year enrollment

            Elementary NECAP labels

            Free and reduced lunch counts

            High School NECAP labels

            End of year attendance data (EOY)

Mary Albina and I have attended training as needed at the DOE in Concord.


The older Netscreen 5 XP firewall was replaced with a Netscreen 25.  The updated unit is able to handle the ingoing and outgoing traffic more efficiently.


The Daylight Savings Time patch was applied to all computers in the district during the February break.  The DST updates were pushed out to the workstations with group policy.


The SAU office upgraded the accounting software from Fundsense with is DOS based to Budget Sense which runs on Microsoft Server 2003.  During this process I worked with the Unifund onsite team to deploy the hardware portion of the upgrade.  The latest version uses Terminal Services which requires the need for updates and patches to only be made at the server.


Coming year 2007-2008


Replace outdated switches at HBHS.  This will include adding a gigabit switch for the servers.  Over the last few weeks we have had 2 failures that have been replaced with temporary solutions.  The failed switches have been replaced with older non-managed units that were not currently in service.  I have contacted the various venders regarding pricing for replacement units.


Transition of the Internet connection at HBHS to Charter.  This will happen during the last week of June.


Dave Partridge wanted to make sure that transitioning Brookline to a new internet server was also on his to do list.  Rich Raymond stated it was.  Dave also asked if students are allowed to take the portfolio with them.  Rich Raymond said that there was a lot of discussion on this issue but he didn’t know.


Update the file and print server at the SAU Office.  The current server is an older Compaq workstation.  The new machine will have more storage capacity and take over the file and print services.  The current server will continue as the domain controller and terminal server license server.


Update student file servers at the various schools to meet ICT standards.  Data storage at the high school is limited and needs upgrading.  The current file servers are refurbished work stations and will be replaced with new machines.  I have contracted various hardware venders for quotes.


Many of the WinSchool and Follett data base servers have been updated to MS Server 2003.  The remaining NT 4.0 data servers should be updated over the next school year.


The Board discussed the quote from Charter on internet service through fiber lines.  There is a $20,000 Non Recurring Cost, $2,100 Monthly for 7 site WAN, 5M/5M Internet connection @ $1,200/month.  Total monthly cost $3,300.  Telephone service was also discussed as a possibility.


Dan Peterson, Wanda Meagher, and Jim McCann have volunteered to sit in on a meeting with Charter the first week of May.  Dave Partridge and Bill Beauregard are back up.


Dave Partridge asked to meet with Charter before May 1st.  Dave Partridge will check with Rich Raymond to see Charter can do Wednesday evening, April 23rd.


Bill Beauregard asked to have Carol Mace update the SAU Open Action list. 


James O’Shea asked for an update of the Performance Pathways Initiative at the next SAU Meeting.


Bill Beauregard asked that Bob Kelly give an update on open SAU Open Action items.


Bill Beauregard asked if the Board would adopt a policy of reading all reports before the meeting and so the meeting time would be for questions only.  The Board was in favor of this.


Tom Enright stated that the Coop board is looking a bus routing software, as they are having bus route problems.   He also stated that they are changing workers compensation and property liability insurance from Primex to LCG.  Brookline and Hollis would like Mellinee to look into the insurance issues for their boards.


Bill Beauregard commented that if the towns are using ESRI, could they add this routing module for less money to their GSI software.  Richard Pike is going to investigate.


Richard Pike distributed Carol Mace’s Curriculum and Instruction Report and Mellinee Capasso’s expenditure report to the board.


Richard Pike asked when the next meeting should be.  May 3rd at 7:00 place to be determined.  All four boards will meet on May 3rd.


Superintendent Evaluation Process


Bill Beauregard asked how much are the principals involved in the evaluation process.  He is not sure all of the principals were asked, but they are willing and would provide valuable input.  Rich Pike and many of the board members were in agreement on this.  Only one of six principals were contacted for feedback.


Steve Simons isn’t sure that community input is necessary.


Bill Beauregard made a motion to have all six principals give feedback in the Superintendent Evaluation and process.  James O’Shea seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 12 yes, 0 no.


A motion was made to go into non-public under RSA 91-A: 3II (a) compensation (c) reputation by Dave Partridge.  Beth Lukovits seconded the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 12 yes, 0 no.


9:17 pm



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