Approved:† September 24, 2007

SAU Board Meeting

H/B Middle School

June 28, 2007


Webb Scales, H/B Coop, SAU Chair

Bill Beauregard, Hollis

Marcia Farwell, Brookline

Beth Lukovits, Brookline

Jennifer MacLeod, Hollis

James McCann, Hollis

Wanda Meagher, Brookline

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop

Dave Partridge, Brookline

Cindy Ryherd, Brookline

Steve Simon, H/B Coop


Rich Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Carol Mace, Director of Curriculum

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary



Webb Scales called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.




Mellinee Capasso gave her resignation with 30 day notice.† She will stay through the end of the audit, August 3rd.


A motion was made by Marcia Farwell to accept, with regret, the resignation of Mellinee Capasso effective August 3rd. Steve Simons seconded the motion.† The motion carried by vote of 11 yes, 0 no.


Rich Pike suggested using the same template that was used for hiring Mellinee, to hire her replacement.† Rich Pike will place an advertisement tomorrow, including the NHSA.


The Business Administratorís salary is budgeted at $77,380.


Jim Murphy suggested tapping into some retirees for some interim help.†


Steve Simons stated that Pat Goyette may have some suggestions for interim help.


Dave Partridge suggested asking Mellinee for questions for the new Business Administrator.


The board asked for volunteers to be on the search committee for the hiring the new Business Administrator.† Wanda Meagher volunteered to represent the Brookline School Board.† The Hollis School Board and the H/B Coop School Board will submit representatives at a later date.


Danielson ETS Teacher Training


Dave Partridge said that the Brookline Board would like to speed up the process; however, moving the training is not the best way to do this.


Carol Mace spoke to this point.† Carol distributed to the Board draft minutes of the SAU #41 Evaluation Committee.† The committee doesnít feel that starting the training this summer is the best approach to shortening the timeline.† Problems with starting the Danielson training this summer include lack of available funds to do so and involvement in other projects, such as NWEA and Performance Tracker.† The committee also wants to get the best trainers available, and currently they are booked for this summer.† Carol recommends skipping the pilot and going straight to implementation in fall 2008, with additional follow up with trainers.


Bill Beauregard suggested contacting another district that has implemented the Danielson model for suggestions.


Superintendent Search


Rich Pike will be retiring in one year.† Jim Murphy suggests forming a steering committee sooner rather than later.† The steering committee needs to come up with what SAU 41 needs in a Superintendent and decide who needs to be involved.† Steve Simons suggested search companies.† Steve Simons (H/B Coop), Jennifer MacLeod (Hollis), Beth Lukovits (Brookline) volunteered to serve on the steering committee.† The board asked Rich Pike for his input on the Superintendentís job description.


A motion was made by Bill Beauregard to establish a superintendent search steering committee, with one member from each board, to deliver a job description, a set of characteristics and a plan of attack by the September 2007 SAU Board meeting.† Dave Partridge seconded the motion.† The motion carried by a vote of 11 yes, 0 no.


A motion was made by Dave Partridge to enter into nonpublic under RSA 91-A:3 II (a) compensation and (c) reputation.† The motion was seconded by Jim Murphy.† The motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.


7:40 pm






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