APPROVED:  JUNE 13, 2006

SAU Budget Hearing

Hollis Brookline Middle School

December 6, 2005


Doug Cleveland, Chair

Kathy de Lacy, Hollis

Mike Dreyer, Brookline (7:30 arrival)

Anne Dumas, H/B Coop

Betty Hall, H/B Coop

Harry Haytayan, Hollis

Beth Lukovits, Brookline

Mike Molkentine, Brookline

Anita Moynihan, Hollis

Jim Murphy, H/B Coop
Dave Partridge, Brookline (8:30 arrival)

Dan Peterson, H/B Coop

Steve Simons, H/B Coop


Richard Pike, Superintendent of Schools

Lee Ann Blastos, Business Administrator

Mary Kay MacFarlane, Recording Secretary


Doug Cleveland called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.


Richard Pike reviewed the budget materials for the audience.  He introduced the SAU staff Lee Ann Blastos, Carol Mace, Bob Kelly, Mellinee Capasso, and Rich Raymond.


Lee Ann Blastos gave the SAU Budget Overview.    Computer software/hardware, a new telephone system and increased hours for hourly staff are driving the increases in this year’s SAU budget.  The proposed budget for 2006-2007 is 1,093,111, a 6.49% increase over last year’s budget.  This is the smallest budget increase in 6 years.   The proposed SAU budget includes all items in the 5 Year Plan.


Receipts                                             $25,150



Total Expenditures                                                               $1,118,261


Expenditures Less Receipts                                                                         $1,093,111



Distribution of Funds to be Raised by Districts



Brookline                                    203,959.02

Hollis                                          370,210.66

Hollis/Brookline Coop               518,941.32


Total                                       $1,093,111.00


Lee Ann Blastos and Rich Pike feel that they are presenting a very responsible budget this year.  Lee Ann asked if anyone had any questions.


Mike Molkentine asked Lee Ann why salaries are reported differently this year.  Lee Ann told him that the previous administration did not allow her to report salaries as actual paid.  Mike also asked Lee Ann why the Director of Curriculum’s salary was not totally funded in the SAU budget.  Lee Ann explained to Mike that this is the way the funding for the Director of Curriculum was set up when the position was created and it has not been changed because to do so would show an increase in the SAU Budget. Currently, the Hollis School District pays for $10,000, the H/B Coop pays $10,000 and Brookline pays $5,000 of the Director of Curriculum’s salary.  This is seen in the receipt portion of the budget.


Anita Moynihan asked if the Board could take the funding for the Director of Curriculum’s position out of the other budgets and have it totally in the SAU Budget tonight.  Lee Ann told her that the Board could do that.


The Board asked when does an employee qualify for benefits?  Lee Ann responded at 30 hours staff qualifies for benefits and at 35 hours staff qualifies for retirement benefits. 


The several board members suggested researching the telephone services to see if we can lower costs. 


Lee Ann Blastos and the Board discussed funding the telephone system from Facility Maintenance Repair, a fund required to be held by the SAU’s lease with the Hollis School District.


Rich Raymond met with Jim Murphy and Dave Partridge regarding internet provider services.  It appears that we can get some savings.  Since the costs are spread out over several budgets and line items, Jim suggested pulling them out of the individual budgets and make it one line item in the SAU budget.


Melinda Willis commented that if internet and telephone service go through the SAU, then Hollis will pay more.  She would like to see each district pay for their own, in their budget.



Kathy de Lacy suggested going out to bid on the larger line items. 


Anita Moynihan agrees that there should be a bid process.


Chris Hyde recommended consulting cable companies for internet service.  He also had questions regarding health insurance, costs of the SAU to each town, preschool students in Hollis and leasing of equipment.  He also suggested hiring more part time employees instead of making current employees full time.


Lee Ann Blastos informed the Board that Hollis preschool is not in the budget.


Rich Pike spoke to the board regarding the budget.    This budget includes everything that was approved in the 5 year plan.  He worked openly and honestly with everyone and that the SAU has put forward a responsible budget.  He thanked all the members of his staff for all the work that they have done for this budget.


Jim Murphy made a motion for a SAU budget 1,105,370 a 5.2 % increase over last year.  He recommends $5,000 decrease in internet service. 1% decrease of merit raises.  Betty Hall seconded the motion. The motion carried by a vote of 12 yes, 1 no.


Discussion ensued.


Anita Moynihan wants to pull the Director of Curriculum’s salary out of the local budget and put it into the SAU Budget.


Anne Dumas makes a motion to adjourn.  Kathy de Lacy seconds the motion.  The motion carried by a vote of 13 yes, 0 no.